Teacher forces 8-year-old to pee in class, makes him wear soiled clothes

The boy had repeatedly asked to use the bathroom, only to be rejected again and again.


People from all over the country are left outraged because of the shocking incident that took place at the Manhattan Place Elementary school. According to the Mongol family, their 8-year-old son was forced to urinate into the trash can, in the middle of the classroom, while his classmates were watching. This left the boy traumatized and an easy target for bullies.

We all agree how teachers don’t have it easy, and dealing with so many students and their wishes may be draining, but it can never be an excuse for such horrendous behavior towards this poor boy. At the end of the day, it’s teachers’ responsibility to find a way on how to deal with the students wanting to use the bathroom too often.

In the process, the boy soiled his pants and was made to cover himself in a plastic garbage bag. His family believes they are dealing with the teacher from Hell, and we agree how what this boy had to go through is unspeakable.

“My child did not deserve this — no child deserves to be treated this way,” mother Sonia Mongol said in tears.

The mother further explains how the incident took place after her son asked his teacher numerous times to be allowed to use the bathroom, to which he got no as an answer. After this, the teacher told him to pee into the garbage can.

“Why would you make a child expose himself in front of the classroom, and then put a garbage bag over him when he comes to you for help? Why would you treat a child that way?” mother Sonia said.

To make things worse, no one alerted the parents of their son’s ordeal and the boy had to stay covered in the garbage bag until the end of the school day.

Latricia Mitchell, a retired teacher, explains how sometimes students ask for a permission to use the bathroom without really feeling the need to do so. Instead, they see it as a way to get out of the classroom and take a short walk around the school’s halls. However, she says how she supports the parents and can’t believe how a teacher could treat a student that way. She fully supports the Mongol family.

“Sometimes we don’t allow the children to go to the bathroom because they go all the time,” she said. “But after they ask you twice, you should realize that something is going on.”

Sonia is worried that her son won’t easily forget this incident that is very likely to hunt him in the years to come.

We really hope that the boy’s family would be able to make this cruel teacher pay for what they did. At the time being, the incident is under investigation by the school authorities.