Students make blankets out of plastic bags for the homeless

These kids are awesome. Great job!


Saving the environment and helping the homeless stay warm during the coldest of days are two awesome causes, and Shelby Tellema, a senior at the Lakewood High School in Colorado, is fighting for both by doing something she loves and which makes her happy.

After watching a news report about a group of women creating blankets out of used plastic bags, she decided to try and make one herself. She found it enjoyable and was satisfied with the final result, especially because she knew she was helping with the plastic that could otherwise end on the streets, and at the same time, she could offer the blankets to the homeless people in need.

Source: YouTube/JPS-TV: Jeffco Public Schools – Colorado

After sharing her brilliant idea with students from her school, many decided to join her in creating the comfortable and handmade blankets. They even got in touch with an organization which makes sure those durable blankets end up in the right hands.

Source: YouTube/JPS-TV: Jeffco Public Schools – Colorado

Speaking of her creations, Shelby explained that more than 100 billion plastic bags are used every year, and while certain percentage gets recycled, a lot of plastic ends up in the oceans, endangering the water life.

“You take recycled plastic grocery bags or just any plastic bags and you cut them into strips, and you tie those strips together and that makes this thing called plarn, plastic bag yarn,” she said of the process of creation.

Source: YouTube/JPS-TV: Jeffco Public Schools – Colorado

Shelby and her friends have their hands full, but they love what they are doing because they know they are making a change.

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