Stray dog sits and guards injured, pregnant friend lying on the road and refuses to leave her side

He knew she needed help and was going to wait there until she got it.


One dog’s compassion for a friend in need touched us to the core. It’s not that we didn’t know how special and caring canines are already, but it seems they want to show that to us over and over again.

As the injured and pregnant German Shepherd stood on the side of a busy road in Muscoy, California, waiting for someone to stop and offer a helping hand, she had a companion who wouldn’t leave her side; a red-furred dog. The little dog wanted to make sure the mother-to-be would avoid being hit by a car. Although he couldn’t do much, making her company was more than enough to give her strength not to give up.

Source: Faith Easdale/Facebook

Luckily, one man spotted the dogs and decided to pull over and call for help. He contacted the Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue. The rescuers came to the scene in no time. When they saw the state in which Marley was, they weren’t sure whether she would make it or not. As they took her to their vehicle, Murphy, her protector, followed as he didn’t want to leave his friend alone.

Source: Faith Easdale/Facebook

The sight of Murphy putting his head on Marley’s belly as the rescuers drove them to the shelter was one to remember. These two friends truly loved each other, and I guess most people should learn from them.

Once at the hospital, vets discovered Marley was carrying 11 puppies. But her state was pretty bad as some of her bones were broken.

Source: Faith Easdale/Facebook

As incredible as it sounds, Murphy made Marley company in the days to come, but once he became aware she was in safe hands, it looked as he started backing off little by little.

The rescuers set a goal of finding this loyal dog a forever home, as they knew he would make an excellent companion.

Source: Faith Easdale/Facebook

As for Marley, despite the pain she was in, she eventually gave birth to her 11 babies. Her two legs were in casts but she did her best to be there for her little ones.

Source: Faith Easdale/Facebook

It took a couple of years before Marley healed completely. But she’s now a happy and a healthy dog living with her forever family. Her puppies are now all grown up and they all got their happy ending.