Stop wasting time and water cooking pasta in saucepan

I have to try this one tonight!


Is there anything more appealing than having a bowl of Italian pasta with some flavoring of fresh tomatoes after a long day at work? I guess not. Plus the kids are going crazy over this dish which is definitely one of their favorite.

The only negative thing about pasta is that it takes ages to be prepared.

While cooking, spaghetti and noodles stick together and it may ruin the taste. The reason why this happens is apparently hidden behind the “wrong” recipe.

Luckily, we’ve stumbled upon the best pasta making video that changed the way we cook it. If you too waited for too long for the water to boil before you put the pasta in, now you can have equally delicious base for your meal by completely avoiding that part of the recipe. 

Saves water, time and energy

You ask me how? Just get rid of the saucepan and get yourself a frying pan. No boiling water, and no waiting. Sounds nice, right? 

Simply put the pasta into cold water that will prevent it from sticking and you are left with a small amount of pasta water you can use to prepare the sauce. 

For the complete procedure take a look at the video below. This is definitely something I am trying right away!