George and Bonnie Miller had a happy and lovely marriage. They were living independently from their grown up son until the age took that chance for them. Bonnie and George, both of them 87 years old, have health problems that make the living on their own quite impossible.

Their independent functioning was not possible due to George’s memory loss and Bonnie’s health problems. That was a big reason their son Schon to start thinking about his parents’ future.

Schon’s worries were great. He just couldn’t leave his parents on their own. He and his parents have been very close and their love is unconditional. Therefore, the last thing he could do is to send them to a nursing home.

The situation got even worse when Bonnie broke her shoulder. That was the time when Schon and his wife Jeannie started looking for some options for his parents.

Since sending the parents to a nursing home was out of option, they started looking for an in-law suite. These are small houses located next to, or attached, to a single-family home. These suits keep the family close and comfortable. However, Schon could not find such in-law suite.

Therefore, he and his wife decided to do the best thing ever!

Schon and Jeannie started cleaning their basement. They removed all the stored things there and made a hole in the wall. The couple turned this basement into fully functional single-room apartment for his parents.

This heart-melting moment was caught on camera. See the surprised faces and Bonnie and George and their teary eyes.

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