Man surprises his frail parents with beautiful basement conversion

They are lucky to be having such a loving and caring son.


George and Bonnie Miller are a loving elderly couple who has had a happy marriage. They were living independently from their son until old age took their freedom from them. Being 87 years old, both George and Bonnie have experienced health issues which make the living on their own quite impossible.

Among the rest, George suffers from memory loss, and Bonnie experiences difficulties walking on her own. On top of that, she has a broken shoulder. That is why their son Schon couldn’t leave his parents on their own. 

As sending them to a nursing home wasn’t an option, this incredibly devoted man came up with an incredible solution that left his mom and dad in tears of joy. “One can’t live alone without the other and we didn’t want either one to end up in a nursing home,” Schon told StoryTender

One of the things Schon and his wife Jennifer considered doing was buying an in-law suite, which is a small house located next to or attached to a single family home.

However, after they failed to find a suitable attachment, they did something even more amazing. They decided to clean their home’s basement and turn it into a refurbished suite for George and Bonnie. That way, Schon’s parents would be next to him and he could help them with their everyday tasks. 

“We decided to blow a hole in the basement wall, get rid of our fun stuff like pool table, instruments, and karaoke area and move them in so we can take care of them,” Schon explained.

The moment the elderly couple realized what their son and their daughter-in-law had done for them, they just couldn’t hide their excitement. Luckily, the beautiful surprise, and even more beautiful reactions, were caught on tape. 

Isn’t this how we all should treat and respect our parents? You can take a look at the heart-melting video below.