Soldiers do a fun line dance during drills

Did you know our soldiers did this?


This isn’t just another dancing video involving some crazy moves, but a very special edition coming from those who make sure we sleep tight at night knowing we are safe and well served. Yes, this is a unique routine by the military men and women. 

As it appears, they are not only putting their lives on the line for the country and it’s citizens, but also make us laugh every now and then.

Thinking of these people and how hard had to be for them to be away from home for so long while deported, I realize the extent of their sacrifice.

They deserve all of our respect. So the next time you come across a military man or a woman make sure you thank them for everything they do. 



Plus, military personnel undergoes difficult training that requires extra physical strength.  

This amazing video was created with the help of the drill sergeant who is probably well aware that military members are above all human beings who need to have some fun every now and then. In order to keep the soldiers’ spirit up, he appoints some tasks that have nothing to do with the professional training required. He does have some silly requests that the soldiers are more than willing to perform. 

I guess the most entertaining part of all is that the head sergeant gives the instructions using his serious tone of voice and holds onto his pretty rigid attitude. 



As the military men and women start marching, it resembles a usual routine, and then all of a sudden we get to hear the sergeant’s instructions. 

Besides the standard call of “left, left” there is one that goes “freeze to left, freeze to right” and then do the Matrix style. It’s so great when all of them replicate Neo’s moves from the movie.

It’s obvious they are all having a great time. We guess this fun start of the day will keep them in the good mood until they call the day off. 



If you are wondering why “Matrix,” that’s because this awesome video was published ten years ago, but it still puts a smile on my face whenever I stumble upon it. 

Many people loved this routine and agreed how everyone needs to relax from time to time. After all, soldiers have so much on their plate and these types of things make them relax as least for a while.

Of course, there were those who found this type of behavior unprofessional and inappropriate, but we have to say that we totally disagree with them. 



Take a look at the video and tell us what you think.