Soldier falls in love with puppy overseas, Watch moment they’re finally reunited in USA

Her soldier dad is completely smitten! Now, she's by his side for the rest of her life!


Many animals make great pets, but let’s be honest, none beats dogs. They are easy to make friends with, and once they fall in love with you it means you have someone in your life who will never leave your side.

When Daniel Rindone was deployed to Syria, he hoped to meet fellow soldiers who’ll become his pals, but little did he know that he would find his best companion in the dog that would often approach the base along with a bunch of other pups. The smart creatures knew  the soldiers would give them some food so they would pay them a visit every now and then. Among the pack of dogs there was one that was sort of special. Rindone named it Syri and grew fond of it. 

As the time to get back to the States was approaching, Rindone knew it would mean saying goodbye to fluffy Syri, and that was something he couldn’t come to terms with. The only logical solution he could come up with was taking Syri home with him. After contacting the SPCA, he was told they had an international program that could help. 

“I have this little dog here that I want to bring home,” he told them and “How do I do it?” he ask.

The plan was for Syri and some other canines to be taken to the SPCA location in Erbil, Iraq until all the paperwork needed was completed. Unfortunately, just as they were supposed to leave the country and head to U.S.A, the Erbil Airport was shut down and there was no way for the dog to get to her friend any time soon. 

Eventually, four months after that, the so much anticipated encounter took place. 

“Five months ago, I met this pup fresh into my last deployment during Operation Inherent Resolve,”

Rindone posted on Facebook on Jan. 25. She was pretty skinny, but her smile was the sweetest he’s ever seen. 

“She stayed with me, sharing our food and getting stronger in the following months until she was handed over to the SPCA: I, who I found and reached out to shortly after she arrived in hopes that I could find her a way home with me. If there is any organization that can make miracles happen, it’s this one.”

For the time she was waiting to be reunited with Rindone, Syri was very well taken care of. The staff from SPCA made sure she was nicely fed while they were doing their best to get her to New York. 

“Three days ago, after flying through Lebanon, Paris, and finally to JFK Airport, this little survivor named Syri is finally here thanks to that great organization.”

“I’ll be eternally grateful to them for reuniting me with the puppy that was a light to me in an otherwise dark and awful deployment,” he wrote. “Welcome home Syri!”

Rindone believes that if it wasn’t for his sweet pup, he wouldn’t be able to get used to his old life that easily. She was there for him and although it may seem that he saved her, it was Syri who helped Daniel go through his dark times.