Soap actress Marnie Schulenburg from ‘As the World Turns’ and ‘One Life to Live’ dead at 37

Rest in peace.


Actress Marnie Schulenburg, best known who for the roles of Alison Stewart on “As the World Turns” and Jo Sullivan on the “One Life to Live” reboot, has died of metastatic breast cancer. She was 37. The news was confirmed by her manager Kyle Luker.

Before she was diagnosed with cancer, in May 2020, Marnie and her husband, actor Zack Robidas, who plays on HBO’s “Succession,” welcomed their daughter Coda. Marnie first opened up about her diagnosis in December 2020 for the Soaps site and later on through her Instagram account where she documented her journey, from becoming a mom to being diagnosed, as well as her fight against the disease.

“On the eve of my 36th birthday, instead of searching for a place to drink multiple Bloody Marys (my birthdays always involve Bloody Marys, boats and lobster, not in any particular order), I was repeating the same question over and over again in my head: “How does one celebrate a birthday with a new baby in the middle of a global pandemic while coming to terms with a Stage IV, metastatic, borderline triple negative inflammatory breast cancer diagnosis?'” she wrote.

Marnie passed away on May 17 2022, just four days before what was supposed to be her 38th birthday.

As many magazines made headlines which wrote that Marnie ‘lost her battle to cancer,’ her husband Zach said he didn’t want people to say that of his late wife, because she fought hard and with grace, and she never gave up fighting.

“Please don’t say Marnie lost her battle to cancer. It’s simply not true. I watched her kick cancer’s ass everyday since diagnosis,” he said. “She is incredible. We chose to attack her diagnosis with blind optimism. We only talked about the future and continued moving forward. I don’t know if this was right but it’s all we knew how to do.”

Not long before her passing, the Daytime-Emmy nominated actress shared a bittersweet post on Instagram for Mother’s Day saying she was allowed to go home, but with an oxygen machine.

“I want to be strong and beautiful for her. I want to show her how to move throughout this world with compassion, strength, vivacity, humor and joy like my Mother showed me,” Marnie started her post.

“My chances of sticking around her better each month that goes by. So here’s to remembering that nothing is permanent. To soaking up the imperfections and that the best thing you can do for your child is make them feel loved, safe and supported just like my mother did for me. Screw the oxygen mask, just remember how to breathe.”

To learn more of the life and fight of Marnie Schulenburg go to the video below.

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