Smiling horse steals the show by photobombing couple’s maternity photoshoot

We are all looking forward to a follow-up photo session soon!


Every mom-to-be is overly excited to be expecting a little creature that will make her life better and happier. Amanda Eckstein, from Indiana, isn’t an exception.

As she was looking forward to welcoming her bundle of joy, she and her husband decided to have a maternity photoshoot and make the beautiful memories live forever. They hired Cincinnati photographer Kristen Zaffiro to take the pictures.

However, both Amanda and her husband believed the photos would turn even more beautiful if they included their horses in them. And boy, they a did great job doing that, because if they hadn’t, their photos wouldn’t gather so much attention by people from all over the country.

As they were trying to get the magnificent creatures to pose for the camera, one of them did something cute beyond words. “We finally got them turned around the correct way and I said, ‘At least you could smile,’” Kristen recalled. Little did she know that the horse named Buckshot would listen to her. Just as she snapped the photo, Buckshoot gave her a huge smile. “When I laughed, he smiled more,” Kristen said of the smiling animal.

Of course, looking at Buckshoot smiling and posing made everyone laugh.

Along with the photos Kristen shared on her Facebook page, she wrote: “I laughed so hard! Best maternity session ever.”

For some of the photos, the animals got into a “serious” mood. And in one of them, one of the horses nuzzled its nose into Amanda’s pregnant belly, and we have to agree, it looks totally beautiful.

It is obvious that this family loves their horses unconditionally.