Internet technician warms one mom’s heart after taking her blind son in his arms

His act meant the world to the mom.


Being a mom means having a lot on your plate. But moms won’t be dubbed real-life superheroes if they don’t balance between all of their commitments. No matter how tired they are, their children’ needs will always be above their own, and that’s what makes them the most special creatures on Earth.

However, no matter how ready they are to always answer to every task that comes along their way, moms do need a helping hand every now and then.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX Carolina News

Jessica Donnahoo is a mom of 3-year-old boy named Sailor whom she adopted shortly after he was born. Sweet Sailor was diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia and Chairi malformation of the brain at birth. Sadly, it means he’s blind.

One day, as Jessica was doing chores around the house while taking care of Sailor at the same time, Robert Kinney, a technician from Spectrum, came to their place to set up their TV for streaming.

Speaking to Good Morning America, Jessica explained that her son sensed someone was there, so he reached his arms towards Robert. Besides being busy fixing the TV, the kind technician took Sailor in his arms and continued working like that for the next 45 minutes. He only put him down when he needed to grab some of his equipment from the van.

That left Jessica with enough time to take care of the “chaos” in the house, and that included her laundry and a bunch of other things she pushed back before.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX Carolina News

Sharing the heart-melting encounter between her son and the internet technician, Jessica told Good Morning America: “He would bounce Sailor using one arm to hold him and make internet adjustments with the other. As a momma, I was incredibly grateful for his kindness.”

She also posted a photo of Robert and Sailor on her Facebook page, and sent a letter to Robert’s company, Spectrum, writing: “He snuggled him close while I folded laundry. It was a huge relief to this tired momma. Robert could have walked in, rushed, and left but instead, he saw a need greater than internet and met it. That’s beyond customer service- it’s humanity at its best.”

Needless to say, Jessica’s post has been seen, shared, and commented on hundreds of times.

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“I think the reason that this act of kindness has resonated with so many people is that we can all relate — as parents, grandparents or just anyone who has been overwhelmed. In a world of mass shootings, political scandals, and drugs, we all need to be reassured that humanity and kindness still exist. Rob and my post did just that,” she shared with Good Morning America.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX Carolina News

Robert, who is a single father of a 4-year-old, said he only did what everyone else would when a child approaches them. However, he had no idea how much his act meant to Jessica.

“For them to adopt him and take care of him on a daily basis is much more than what I did for a short period of time,” he shared with Good Morning America, “God really has blessed that family and will continue to do so because of the kind and gentle spirit they have. They deserve more recognition than anyone.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX Carolina News

What a beautiful story. For more check out the video below.