Small visitor comforts family

As two daughters were saying their goodbyes to their beloved 97-year-old Mother, they asked if she would send a sign once she was in Heaven. The day after her memorial service their request was granted - but in a way they would have never, ever imagined.


God works in mysterious ways and every now and then lets us experience magical moments that only deepen our faith in His existence and in the divine. The story of Dorothy “Dottie” Booth is one such occurrence. 

This 97-year-old mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother was about to say the final goodbye to her loving family. The time has come for her to leave the earth and head to Heaven. This kind and loving old lady used to say:

“Be good…but if you can’t be good, be careful,”

and her grandchildren will live by these words. 

Facebook/Angela Abbott Patteson


Dottie’s two daughters, Debbie and Jeanne had long conversations with their dying mother and would often discuss the afterlife. They believed there was something greater than life once the soul departs the body and asked their mother to send them a sign telling them she is fine once she goes to the new adventure. They particularly asked for a cardinal to be involved in the message she would send from Heaven. 

The day after the memorial service, the family gathered in the house and decided to play one of Dottie’s favorite card games in her honor. During the gathering, they’ve heard unusual noise coming from the kitchen. 



One of the family members went to check out what it was, and the discovery left everyone speechless. There was a cardinal there, calm and serene as if it was waiting for them. The most amazing thing happened when they got closer. The bird didn’t move at all. 

Jeannie and Debbie’s eyes filled with tears of joy as they knew it was their mother’s way of saying one last goodbye and sending a sign from the great beyond. They were quick to take some pictures with the cardinal before they released it. But, it refused to leave. The beautiful bird enjoyed the sisters’ company and it was the most incredible sight. 



Debbie tried to give it a little push by gently tossing it into the air, but the cardinal turned and landed on her shoulder. It definitely didn’t want to leave the sisters’ side. 

This made both of them beyond happy because now they were certain that their mother was at the right place. 

After spending some time with it, the bird finally flew away and reached for the blue sky. This unusual visit was just the closure this family needed. 

We are so glad this enchanting moment was caught on camera. Go to the video below to witness the magic for yourself.