Six Months After Boy Donates Hair to Children With Cancer, He Has A Terrible Shock


Torrin Brenman has spent the last three years determined to change the lives of other children. The 12 year old boy has selflessly given his time in a very special way and it has had an unthought of consequence that has deeply affected his life.

Many children when they have cancer lose their hair because of the treatments used to destroy cancer. Torrin wanted to restore the health and spirits of the children have found out this and his main focus was children with cancer.

The organization ‘WIgs for Kids’ help children that do have this kind of hair loss, they use real hair donated to them to make the wigs, and they do this without any cost to the families or the children. Torrin grew out his own hair for three years so he could donate to this charity.

People that didn’t know him thought he was a girl and bullies made fun of him. Even after all the grief he continued to grow his hair until it was long enough to donate.

Six months later he started to become ill with a bad cough which developed into something more serious and he wound up in the intensive care unit at the children’s hospital.

It was so sad, Torin was told he had stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, at only 12 years old!

Six months previously he gave his hair in the hopes it would help a child who had lost his hair with chemotherapy treatments and now he himself was starting chemotherapy treatments too!

The community of Detroit, in general, is made up of many people who do not have extensive resources, but nonetheless, they have worked very hard to raise money and help the family.

They also have brought presents to the family home for Torin and his sister, Julissa, but they had been sadly stolen! When the storey made the local news that the presents had been stolen while the family were in the hospital, they were returned to them!

Torrin really looked forward to this very special outing to see a wrestling event. Unfortunately though, despite having the tickets, this was not healthy enough so he was unable to attend.

His mother, Carrie, wrote on Facebook:

“Most ppl would be upset about being here but honestly he is continually being monitored here so for me it makes me feel much safer.”

We pray that Torrin gets the support that he once dedicated three years ago, trying to provide for children affected by cancer.