Sister breaks down in tears when she realizes her voice made baby smile

Sisterly love is the best kind of love!


Sisters’ power! Yes, that’s something real and often makes girls’ world go round.

The bond between sisters is like no other. Just imagine having your best friend by your side all along. Sharing with her your parents, your room, the clothes, and your days. That has to be priceless. 

Sometimes it may happen for sisters to get jealous of one another, but eventually all of them understand that no one else out there would love them as much as their female sibling. 



Allie is a 9-year-old girl who knows how much effort it takes for her mommy to put her little sister to sleep. Luckily, this adorable young lady is very considerate and always steps in when needed. Above all, she enjoys spending time with baby Ashlyn. 

The sweet interaction between these two sisters has gone viral for all the right reasons. 



Lovely Ashlyn is treating her big sister with the most adorable smile ever as she hears her singing. 

The choice of the song just adds to the cuteness of the video. Lion King’s “Circle of Life” is what Ashlyn enjoys listening to. As for Allie, she simply can’t believe the baby’s reaction. She’s so happy that she can’t hold her tears back.  



The parents are filled with joy seeing their daughters love each other so much.

“Is it because you love her that much?” her mom asks. After a moment, Allie replies: “Because she smiled at my sweet singing!”

She then continues singing only for her sister’s ears. She wants the little one to be as happy as can be. 



This really can’t get any cuter. We hope the two will continue loving and caring for each other their whole life.