Single mother faces eviction, her 9-year-old daughter finds a way to help

Worried sick about her mother's struggles, she wrote a letter in secret.


Life can be hard at times. Different people face different challenges on a daily basis. Whether it is health issues or lack of finances, the fact is that many don’t have it easy. However, I honestly believe that when you are a single parent, things get even tougher.

Natalie Koltes is a mother of a girl named Ariel. They have lived in a Las Vegas apartment for three years, but had a hard time paying the rent on time. The landlord couldn’t tolerate them any longer and the two faced eviction.

Watching her hopeless mother getting worried for their future, Ariel, although just nine years old, decided to help. With the help of her grandmother, she wrote a letter to the FOX 5 Surprise Squad. She explained the situation the family found themselves in and wrote how she didn’t want her mother to be under so much pressure.

“I want her to know someone is there for us,” Ariel added.

The sincere words touched the hearts of those reading the letter. They couldn’t allow for someone that young to be worried about things like money and rent, so they decided to answer the call for help.

When the Surprise Squad visited them, Natalie couldn’t believe her eyes. Did this mean their struggles are over?

The Squad told them they are paying the rent for two months so that Natalie can try and get on her feet. There was another surprise as well. For more check out the video below. Ariel, who is a straight-A student is bound to achieve great things in life. That we can be sure of.