Single father who worked 4 jobs to provide for his family surprised after decades of hard work

His family surprised him on Father's Day as a way to thank him for all love and sacrifices he made over the years. "He's been working [all] his life. He's an ex-marine. He's had a kidney transplant, and it took him forever to get that and [he's] still going strong," his granddaughter said.


Fathers are those special individuals whose place can never be replaced. They are always there when we need someone to turn to and that’s what makes them cruical figures in our lives.

Often times, while the moms are super busy doing chores and raising the kids, fathers are the ones who work multiple jobs in order to provide for the family.

One single father of four named Harley Harlington, a former marine and a survivor, has had a hard time providing for his four children. Most of his life, this incredibly loving and dedicated man worked four jobs at a time and never complained, despite having undergone a kidney transplant.

Of course, he never expected anything in return, what he wanted was for his children, as well as grandchildren, to have good lives and be happy.

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Knowing just how much he has sacrificed for them during his life, his children decided to surprise him as a way to thank him for his dedication and for never giving up on them.

“He’s been working [all] his life. He’s an ex-marine. He’s had a kidney transplant, and it took him forever to get that and [he’s] still going strong,” his granddaughter Kirsten said.

“He is a man that provides and gives to so many and never says no to anybody for anything. He’ll give the shirt off his back,” his daughter Robbin added.

The family sent a letter to the FOX 5 Surprise Squad telling them everything about Harley, and soon after, the Squad was on this man’s door. When they went to his place, together with Kirsten, the FOX 5 Surprise Squad had a bouquet of flowers. When Harley saw the cameraman, he was confused at first.

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“As well as running a business, at one time I had four jobs. You know, just so I could put food on the table, presents under the Christmas tree,” Harley spoke of his troubles.

“Whatever you can, you do, even if all you have to give is an ear to listen. You do [it] without any expectation of any kind or reward. You do [it] from the heart.”

Harley was glad his family was aware of everything he has ever done for them, and that was his biggest reward. Of course, other surprises followed. Jose Gutierrez from a local auto body shop, who called Harley and “exceptional father,” offered to repair Harley’s vehicle’s air conditioner and heater.

The Surprise Squad handed Harley a box containing $1,500 in cash. 

He was speechless. “Utterly speechless. I’ve never had anything like this in my life,” he said.

This was the best Father’s Day Harley could ever ask for.

“If you have nothing else in life, you have family. You always have family,” he said.

We would like to honor every father out there and make sure they know how much they mean to their children.

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