Security guard tells elderly couple to throw gift into the trash – Woman witnessing the scene takes the gift out and returns it back

This story goes to show that there are still good and decent people out there.


How far would you go to help a complete stranger? A woman named Amarri Hernandez and her boyfriend were at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport when they witnessed a heartbreaking scene.

An elderly couple were about to walk through the security gate when the man was asked to leave the package he was holding in his hands behind. He asked whether it was possible to leave it at “lost and found” because it was a gift for their granddaughter, but the security guard told him to put it in “File 13,” and pointed to the trash.

The elderly man didn’t have a choice but to get rid of the gift. His eyes went teary and it was very obvious that his heart broke into a million pieces.

Realizing that the package meant a lot to the elderly couple, Ammari decided to take it out of the trash. When she opened it, she saw a beautiful snow globe with a photo of the couple on one side, and another photo of a beautiful girl and a dog on the other. At the bottom of the snowball there was an engraved message which read: “We love you, Katie. Nana and Papa.”

Ammari was determined to help find the elderly couple and return the gift which obviously meant a lot to them.

All she needed to do was post a plea on Facebook and the Internet community did its magic. In a very short period of time, the post was shared over 40,000 times. One of the people who stumbled upon it was an employee at Things Remembered, where the snow globe was made. He gave Ammari the contact number of Linda and Bill Modry who purchased the gift from their store.

Ammari contacted Linda and returned her the gift. Linda explained that it meant so much for them because it was for their granddaughter whom their son adopted.

This story goes to show that there are still good and decent people out there.

To see Linda’s reaction on getting the gift go to the video below.