“Secret Santa” gives $100 bill to a desperate man he meets by chance and changes his life forever

Even the tiniest act of kindness can go a long way. Don't forget that this Christmas.


Doing good never gets out of style. And no matter how tiny a kind deed may seem to us, it can change the world to those receiving it. Now, if you don’t believe in kindness and the magic of Christmas, just take a look at this incredible story, and you’ll think otherwise.

Steve Hartman from CBS witnessed a miracle taking place right in front of his eyes when he went “On the Road” to Reading, Pennsylvania together with the “Secret Santa” who is making a difference each and every Christmas. This secret good-doer is a rich businessman who gives $100 to random people, thus spending around $100,000 overall.

When in Pennsylvania, “Secret Santa” handed money to a man named Thomas Coates, a 30-year-old drug addict who was hoping for a miracle, and got one.


Namely, Coates struggled with his addiction for a long period of time. He was so desperate to get himself some heroin that he even sold his son’s toys. So, one night, his girlfriend asked him to start praying and seek help and comfort in God. The next day, he got the money from this kind businessman. This all made Coates very emotional. He was off work for a year getting in and out of treatment facilities, but this serendipitous encounter with “Secret Santa” made him determined to get himself clean for life.

Honestly, we hope Coates will manage to turn his life upside down, because as everyone else out there, he deserves a second chance and a clean start too.

Take a look at the inspiring story in the video below and share the Christmas magic with your family and friends.