Sassy Little One Chatting With Grandma

This cute little sweetheart made my day. I can only imagine how much fun grandma has with her. ❤


Once you meet sweet Livi Grace you will fall in love with her in an instant. She might be the cutest, most adorable two-year-old lady with the most vibrant personality. The amazing thing about Livi is that she is a true warrior who never quits fighting, which makes us adore her even more.

She was diagnosed with a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), and as a result, she had to undergo numerous surgeries and various medical treatments. Her bones are extremely fragile and prone to breaking.

Recently, a footage of her chatting to her grandma was posted on Facebook, and as you already assume, it stole our hearts.

Facebook/Lindsay Rae Wix

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia explains that OI is a serious disorder that has lasting, lifetime effects on patients. The hospital’s site also tells parents what to look out for when it comes to diagnosising the condition.

” – Bones fracture easily

– Can usually be traced through the family

– Near normal stature or slightly shorter

– Blue sclera (the normally white area of the eye ball)

– Dental problems (brittle teeth)

– Hearing loss beginning in the early 20s and 30s

– Most fractures occur before puberty; occasionally women will have fractures after menopause

– Triangular face

– Tendency toward spinal curvature”

If you notice any of the symptoms listed above, your pediatrician may take the following steps to test for OI:

“Your child’s doctor will take a careful family history in addition to a complete medical history and do a physical examination. Diagnostic procedures for OI may include a skin biopsy to evaluate the amount and structure of collagen. But this test is complicated, and not many qualified facilities are available to perform the procedure. It is not unusual for results of the biopsy to take up to six months.”

Your child’s doctor may also run x-ray and ENT exams, as well as introduce audiometric queues to test response rates. No child or parent should ever experience what Livi and her family are going through, but Livi Grace’s mother, Lindsay Rae Wix never loses hope that at the end things are going to be just fine.

Facebook/Lindsay Rae Wix

Livi’s positive attitude and the lovely smile she always has on her face tell us how brave she is. She never lets anything or anyone bring her down. Despite being that young and suffering from the illness, she knows how to live her life to the fullest.

During their shopping trip to Target, grandma asked Livi to put the slippers on, but she refuses to do so in the most funny way. Her sassy response is a clear sign she won’t let anyone tell her what to do.

Lindsay shared the footage of her spirited little one on her Facebook page, writing:

“Meet Livi Grace! Liv is almost 2 years old and was born with a rare disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. She has brittle bones and has had over 60 fractures since birth. She is an absolute JOY. We like to think God blessed her with a lot of sass to make up for what she lacks physically. Her bones may break but her spirit is truly, unbreakable.”

We can see that here, for sure!

Facebook/Lindsay Rae Wix

Watch the footage and see what a smarty pants this little lady is.