‘Are You Ready?’: Deaf Toddler Is Introduced to the World of Sound for the First Time

My heart just melted...


Annie and her parents were excitingly looking forward to the life changing moment that was about to bring the little one into a completely new world, that of sound. This beauty was born deaf and has never, until that magical moment, heard her mommy’s and daddy’s voice.

She knew how much they loved her, because they made sure they sign it to her every single day, but now she could hear them say it.

We’ve learned of Annie’s condition from a YouTube video her father posted back in 2017, in which he and his lovely daughter communicate non-verbally. However, it was finally about to change.

She had just been fitted with a cochlear implant and the doctors were about to activate it. Everyone around is waiting for Annie’s reaction in anticipation. Her life is about to change and we are so happy to be able to witness the sweet moment.

The girl happily signs with her Dad who tells her to get ready for the big moment.

“Are you ready?” Dad says and signs simultaneously.

Annie, her mouth slightly ajar, points her two fingers forward to express she’s ready.

“Annie,” calls out the girl’s mom.

“That’s mamma’s voice,” Dad explains. “Do you hear mamma’s voice?”

“Can you hear mamma?” Mom asks.

“Mom is saying, Annie!” says Dad. “Annie!”

Once she realizes it’s her mom’s voice she hears, she strongly embraces her father and doesn’t want to let go. She is completely surprised and her tiny eyes go wide open.

The doctors know this whole thing can be overwhelming for such a little girl so they take one step at a time. They introduce only beeps at first until she gets used to the sound.

“We noticed throughout the session that Annie kept picking up a today and giving it to Dan whenever she heard a beep.”

The toddler is beyond enthusiastic and her amazingly touching reaction is caught in the video below. Make sure you watch it and share it with friends.