Sales representative dies of heart attack during working hours, store’s employees cover his body with umbrellas in an effort not to close the place

What a despicable act of inhumanity!


What many considered a despicable act of inhumanity happened in the Brazilian market Carrefour on August 14 of 2020 after a man who worked as a sales representative for a food brand inside the store suffered a heart-attack and his body was surrounded with boxes and covered with umbrellas.

While the body was lying on the floor, the market didn’t close and customers were casually shopping as they had no idea what was going on.

Later, a photo of the body was shared online and people were left completely outraged at the horrific way of how the employees and the managers managed the situation and disrespected the deceased.

“This is the body of a deceased worker in the middle of the Carrefour supermarket. He died while working and was covered with umbrellas. Witnesses say the supermarket functioned normally,” the caption shared along the photo read.

Brazilian news outlet G1 also shared the story of the unfortunate passing of 51-year-old Moisés Santos and contacted the store’s manager who admitted that they handled the situation inappropriately.

Before the staff from the funeral home arrived, at least three hours had passed.

Source: G1/ Manoel Moisés Cavalcante

Carefour issued a statement offering an apology but insisted they were advised not to move the body. However they are completely aware that their error is in “not closing the store immediately after what happened to await the funeral service, as well as in not finding the correct way to look after the body.”

“We apologize to the family and stand ready to support them in whatever way necessary,” Carrefour said, as reported by Reuters.