Rude customer bullies a bag boy with Down Syndrome – an elderly woman steps up

Glad someone put those bullies in their place!


How would you react if bullying takes place right in front of you? Would you step up for the victim and confront the bullies, or would you not interfere at all?

The truth is that different people react in a different manner when they find themselves in such situations. John Quiñones, the host of the TV show What Would You Do? observes how orinary people react when they face situations which impose the dilemma that requires from them to either take action or simply walk by. Everything is filmed using hidden cameras so each of the reactions is genuine.

In one of the episodes, a bagging clerk with Down Syndrome, played by an actor, is getting offended by rude customers, who are also actors. The filming of this particular episode took place at Kilroy’s Wonder Market within New Jersey. As customers were waiting for their turn at the register, they commented how slow the clerk was, with one even wondering why would anyone hire him in the first place.

Some of the customers are taken aback by the behavior of those who offend the clerk and decide to intervene, while others opt to ignore the entire situation and mind their own business.

The reaction of one particular customer, however, is what caught our attention.

An elderly woman, the one in the red shirt, sympathizes with the clerk and helps him with the packing, not wanting others to accuse him of being slow. She even gives him a hug before leaving the store.

These series, and videos like the one below, in which we see strangers stepping up for one another teach us that humanity is still pretty much alive, and we are so touched by that fact.

It doesn’t come as a surprise this emotional video has been seen by over 11 million people.