If Ricky Gervais is one of your favorite comedians, his views on poaching and trophy hunting will make you love him even more. Although he is best known for making us laugh because of his incredible sense of humor, this time he is discussing a relatively serious issue and he defends his opinions using language and examples that will make it easy for everyone to understand his point.

He has a word or two to tell the animal killers who, no matter how ironical it sounds, see themselves as conservators of the wildlife.

Speaking to The Sun, this incredible man known for his infamous Golden Globes hosting gigs and a prominent supporter of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting says: “Why are we even having to make the case for banning trophy hunting in the year 2020? It’s hard to think of anything more sickening or senseless than killing an animal for entertainment, then hacking it up so you can display its body parts and brag about it.”


After the killing of Cecil the lion prompted outrage in 2015, everyone believed that trophy hunting would somehow decline, but sadly, it wasn’t the case.

Today, more than five years after that incident, Gervais is again taking a stand and dubs trophy hunting as “humanity at its very worst.”

The Campaign to End Trophy Hunting reports that the number of lions killed in the wild during the last decade by trophy hunters exceeds 10,000. According to them, the number of lions left is only 20,000 and they are now at-risk species.

Luckily, there are some great news coming in as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has “renewed a pledge to ban trophy hunters bringing their sick souvenirs back to Britain,” as reported by the Mirror.

Other celebrities have also join the cause.