Meghan Markle “considering running for president” in case Joe Biden doesn’t run for a 2nd term

This would be a surprise!


As the wide public believes there’s nothing more Meghan Markle can do to have her name on the headlines of magazines from all over the world after the bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, news about her future plans emerged from a senior government figure in the U.K., according to The Daily Mail.

Apparently, Meghan is considering pursuing a career in politics. And that’s not all, according to the source, she’s planning on running for a president of the United States in case current president Biden rules out a second term.

Currently, Meghan has been accessing fundraising teams and has been looking to build a campaign, according to the source who has strong links to Washington, as per the Mirror.

Further, Mirror writes that one of Meghan’s friends spoke to Vanity Fair magazine in the past and said that the Duchess of Sussex didn’t give up her American citizenship when she became royalty because she wanted her options of entering U.S. politics open.