Rich widow passed away, but neither her family nor her friends received any of her money!

Rich widow died, and all her money did not reach her family or friends. What the woman did to them terrified an entire world. What she wrote in her will is incredible.


Animals make our lives a bit more special. Owning a pet means having a friend who will never judge you or question your choices.

But what happens to the pets when their owners die? Apparently, some continue to live lavish lifestyles thanks to the fortune their humans left them.

Yes, if you didn’t know, animals can inherit money and others valuable possessions.

A woman named Ellen Frey-Wouters was a proud owner of two beautiful cats, Troy and Tiger. She took really good care of them and had them ever since they were little babies. Knowing that after her passing the cats could end up on the streets, she decided to leave all of her money to them, which was around $300,000.

Ellen also assigned a carer for her animals, a woman named Dahlia Grizzle, who is now looking after the cats as Ellen died recently at the age of 88.

During her life, Ellen suffered many loses. Her husband passed away in 1989 and her only child died when he was still very young, so Ellen found comfort in her cats’ company.

In case Troy and Tiger pass away, the remaining fortune would be handed to Ellen’s sister.

As for now, the cats are living a very comfortable life. They sleep on big beds with sheets of silk and have food prepared specially for them.

This decision shocked many, but this isn’t the first time that someone leaves their fortune to their pets.

There are plenty of stories about people who did what Ellen had done.

When Leona Helmsley, a billionaire from New York known for her arrogance, died, it was her dog who inherited her fortune.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe what these two women did was the right thing to do?

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