‘Real life Ken doll’ who spent 4 hours a day on glam look is now unrecognizable

Felipe Maximo ditched his Barbie-inspired looks in favour of a more natural appearance – and the "real life Ken doll" looks completely unrecognizable nowadays...


Most people would gladly change certain things about their faces or bodies. And today, with the plastic surgeries and the number of available procedures, enhancing the physical appearance seems as easy as one-two-three. All one needs is enough money to be able to afford those ‘guilty pleasures.’

A man named Felipe Maximo would spend hours dressing up as the ultimate male, Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken. Of course, with his perfect tan and teeth, and his sculptured body, this doll is a world away from ordinary men, yet, there are those who long to achieve his looks and resemble human dolls.

Source: Newsflash

Maximo was so obsessed with Ken that he even planned on undergoing a number of surgeries just to get that glammed up look. The number of procedures he had on his mind were 42. This Brazilian wanted to have his ribs removed among the rest.

Luckily, he didn’t have any as his world suddenly flipped over when he was offered a job position in the construction industry.

At the time he started dressing as Ken, Maximo was going through a tough time. According to him, he wasn’t attractive and his schoolmates called him “little” and “ugly,” which affected his self-esteem in the most negative way. So, pretending to be the life version of Ken, he felt more self-confident and ‘cool.’

Source: Newsflash

However, after getting out there into the real world, he no longer felt the urge to hide behind the character of the doll.

“With all the difficulty to work and urgently needing a job, I ended up taking advantage of the opportunity they could give me. I already had a slight experience (in the role) so it worked out.

“Not only am I proud of my work, but I also like to be on the job.”

He suddenly learned how to love himself for who he is and embraced his natural looks.

Source: Newsflash

Speaking to Fabulous, he shared, “I feel free and blessed for not getting plastic surgery, it feels like I’ve got a second chance at life and have woken up to what is really important.

“I can’t deny that dressing like a doll empowered me at that time and I have no regrets because it helped me to learn to love myself.”

“I identify with Ken a lot, he has good and healthy male habits like taking care of himself, working out and looking after his appearance.

“Now I’m working in construction and I am well accepted there, I have never been to the building site dressed as Ken and never will, I don’t need to anymore.”

We are happy Maximo didn’t need any surgeries in order to figure out he looks handsome the way he is.

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