Queen Consort Camilla says she’s ‘too old’ to go horse riding anymore

Camilla is a patron of a riding school in south London, and she is a passionate about riding horses, but as she has reached certain age, this hobby becomes harder and harder to keep up with.


Following the release of Harry’s book Spare and all the stir it caused, it seems like the dust has settled down and the members of the Firm are continuing with their regular duties. Among the rest, they have their hands full getting ready for the day Britain hasn’t seen for over seven decades, the coronation of the new monarch, King Charles and his wife Camilla, who will become Queen Consort.

The much-awaited coronation is set to take place on May 6, which happens to be the birth date of Archie, Harry and Meghan’s son.

When late Queen Elizabeth was crowned in 1954, over 8,000 guests were in attendance at the coronation, and 129 nations were officially represented. King Charles is now allegedly planning to significantly reduce that number on his coronation, according to reports.

The coronation, which is given the code-name “Operation Golden Orb,” will take place at Westminster Abbey, conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

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Camilla would be crowned with Queen Mary’s Crown which is set with 2,200 diamonds and was worn by Queen Mary for the coronation alongside her husband, King George V, in 1911.

The crown will be altered for the upcoming coronation and is set to honor the late Queen Elizabeth with the headpiece being planned to be replaced with diamonds Cullinan III, IV, and V, all from the late monarch’s personal jewelry collection.

It was previously planned for Camilla to wear the Koh-i Nûr diamond, one of the largest cut diamonds in the world, in her crown, which came into British possession in 1849 when the East India Company took it from a 10-year-old boy named Maharaja Duleep Singh, a ruler of the Sikh Empire. However, that diamond is now considered to symbolize conquest, and India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have claimed ownership of it.

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“The coronation of Camilla and the use of the crown jewel Koh-i-Nûr brings back painful memories of the colonial past,” a source from the Bharatiya Janata Party in India told The Telegraph last year.

“Most Indians have very little memory of the oppressive past. Five to six generations of Indians suffered under multiple foreign rules for over five centuries. The coronation of the new Queen Camilla and the use of the Koh-i-Nûr do transport a few Indians back to the days of the British Empire in India,” the source added.

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Camilla is carrying royal duties and accompanies her husband to special occasions. At the same time, she’s heavily involved with a number of charities close to her heart. Among the rest, she’s interested in reading, drawing, gardening and riding horses. Following Queen Elizabeth’s passing, Camilla became responsible for the royal stables, and reportedly always finds peace in her Highgrove House garden.

“I love the vegetable garden. I’m very proud of my white peaches. My husband is an excellent gardener, and we’re quite competitive about our fruit and vegetables,” Camilla shared with Vogue magazine. And when it came to gardening, the Queen Consort revealed, “It was a sort of spiritual experience for them, they discovered a sort of affinity with the soil – you can go into a garden, and you can completely lose yourself, you don’t have to think about anything else, you’re surrounded by nature, you’ve got birds singing, you’ve got bees buzzing about – there is something very healing about gardens.”

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Camilla is a patron of a riding school in south London, and she is a passionate about riding horses, but as she has reached certain age, this hobby becomes harder and harder to keep up with.

The Queen Consort shared this information with a group of schoolchildren from Germany where she and King Charles were for a visit. “I used to have horses I rode but sadly I don’t ride any longer. I think I’m too old, but I have racehorses,” she said, according to the Daily Mail.

This, of course, doesn’t mean she won’t be spending time around her horses. In fact, while on the trip to Germany, she watched one of her horses giving birth through video.

“Last night, I watched on my screen one of the foals being born, which was very exciting,” Camilla said.

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