Proud dad receives amazing surprise from stranger

He had been boasting about his son's graduation while in line at the bank - and a woman couldn't help but take notice.


Being a parent means sacrificing a lot for the well-being of your children. But once you see how they turn into noble and successful people, you realize that it’s all worth it. Their accomplishments, such as graduating from high school or college, make you proud.

Rob Edwards was over the moon because of his son’s graduation. This event made him so happy that he felt the urge to share the good news with those around him, and that included one perfect stranger who made an impact in his life.

Only a couple of days before Cole’s graduation ceremony took place, Rob headed to the local bank to get some money, and that’s when he saw this lady who was about to enter the place. Rob offered her his spot at the queue saying, “By all means go in front of me. Today my son graduates. I’m slowing down and want to savor every minute.”

As they were both waiting in line, they started talking about their children and how challenging it was to have a teenager under the roof. Their conversation was interrupted by the bank’s clerk who asked the lady to take her turn. Once she left the place, Rob got near the counter and reached for his wallet when he noticed an envelope inside his pocket. This was a bit strange because he knew that piece of paper wasn’t there before.

Once he got his business at the bank done, he was eager to see what that tiny envelope held inside. After he opened it, he felt completely shocked and puzzled. There was a $50 bill inside. Rob knew it was the lady he spoke to who put the money in his pocket. But what he didn’t know was why she did it. He decided to get to her and ask her why would she be so generous to someone she just met.

When he got out of the bank, the lady was still in her car so he rushed to her and told her how he couldn’t accept the money, to which she replied:

“When you talk about your boy, YOU GLOW. You’re a blessing to him, I want to bless him, too!”

Her words touched Rob to the core. He realized how his son was the best thing that had happened to him. He was very proud of him and was happy others could see it.

“I don’t know her name; I’ve never seen her before. But I will never forget her love,” the dad declared. “I asked to take a picture with her. And hugged her neck.”

“We need more of this in the world today. Not the money. But kindness. I hugged a complete stranger today. My son who I love with all my heart was shown love. Many of you who know me know what I believe in. Sounds kinda familiar don’t it. It warms the father’s heart to love the son. I am blessed.”

Cole is very lucky to be having a loving father like Rob who appreciates the kindness other people show to him. By sharing the story about that lady from the bank he sends a message that an act of kindness really goes a long way and even makes huge impact in people’s lives.

Share the kindness and spread the love, because that’s the only possible way to make this world a happier place.