Prison inmates notice guard officer collapse. They grab his gun belt and phone and had to choose

Prison inmates notice guard officer collapse. They grabbed his gun belt and phone and made a choice.


During a hot summer day, six inmates and an officer in charge were working at the Polk County Cemetery mowing the grass before Father’s Day.

At one point, the officer complained how he wasn’t feeling fine. In the next moment, he fell on the ground unconscious.

The inmates didn’t even hesitate a bit before they rushed to help him. One of them took the officer’s phone and dialed 911, while the rest stripped off his gun and his vest and did all they could to revive him while waiting for the help to arrive.

Luckily, emergency services arrived just in time to save the officer’s life. According to 11Alive, he was released from hospital the same day and was feeling fine.

The story quickly spread in the media and it somehow changed the way we feel about the people who serve prison time.

One person wrote, “I hope this eases the stereotype that not everyone in jail or prison is bad. There are some awesome people locked up. They just got caught in a bad situation at some point in their life,” and we can’t agree more.

As a sign of good behavior, the inmates’ sentences were reduced by one-fourth.

To learn more of this incredible story, check the video below.