Principal’s speech is “interrupted” when teachers storm the stage to “Uptown Funk”

How cool is this!?


Have you ever been part of a flash mob or witnessed one taking place in front of your eyes? If the answer to either of these questions is a yes, I have to say that I envy you. Why, you may wonder. Well, because flash mobs are not only fun and entertaining, but they take quite a lot of energy and effort to be organized.

This phenomenon first took place back in 2003, when writer and cultural critic Bill Wasic decided to do an experiment called the MOB Project. This project resulted in the streets of New York to be flooded with people who performed unique routines.

Some of the most famous flash mobs are the one taking place at Liverpool Street Station in 2009, when over 400 tourists and staff members showed off their dancing skills. This performance was so great that it was later used by T-Mobile for their advertising campaign. Another would be that of around 1,500 inmates of a Philippine prison. Their flash mob caught the attention of the whole world and even a movie was based on the event.

Well, to be honest, the flash mob in the video below is as cool. It happens during the “boring” speech of the principal of Whitmer High School at the 2017 Homecoming Pep Assembly. As he speaks, the teachers tell him to leave the stage and they start dancing to the surprise of the huge number of students. How cool is that?

As Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” goes on, more and more people join in. Everyone in the crowd watches in awe and has a huge smile of their face.

People loved it so much after it was shared on YouTube that it gathered over 5.8 million views. Isn’t that something?

One person wrote, “This is the America I like.” On top of that, many spoke of how important teachers really are. “This is why we need to protect our public schools and teachers across America. They show up an go beyond both time wise and financially EVERY day. And, they truly do it because they care,” someone wrote, while another added, “Not only did the teachers do this because they love their students, they had to have rehearse for hours of THEIR OWN TIME. Way to go teachers and way to go students for appreciating them.”

Take a look at these awesome teachers’ dance in the video below and share it with your friends, you’ll make their day.