Prince Philip’s body will be moved when Queen Elizabeth dies so they can rest together

What a beautiful love story Elizabeth and Philip's was!


The funeral ceremony of Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, was broadcasted and seen by over 13 million people in UK only. He passed away on April 9, and was laid to rest at the St. George’s Chapel on April 17.

Only 30 of his closest family members and friends were in attendance due to the strict protocols imposed because of the ongoing pandemic.

The Duke’s coffin was lowered into a hidden vault located beneath the chapel. That same location is the resting place of many members of the royalty, among which George III, George IV, George V of Hanover, and William IV. Other royals buried there are Queen Victoria’s father, Prince Edward, George III’s wife Queen Charlotte, and Queen Mary’s grandfather Prince Adolphus, as per Daily Mail.

Prince Philip is the 25th royal to be buried at St. George’s Chapel. However, that is not his permanent resting place.

After Queen Elizabeth dies, Prince Philip’s body would be moved next to hers at the Church’s King George VI Memorial Chapel where the bodies of Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, and mother, Elizabeth, are laid to rest.

The Chapel was added on to the north side of St George’s behind the North Quire Aisle in 1969 after King George VI’s death. The pale stone annex is marked with a black stone slab set into the floor on which the names of Queen Elizabeth’s parents, along with their years of birth and death, are engraved in gold letters.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth’s love was truly one of a kind. He was her “strength and stay.” Rest in peace Prince Philip.