Postal worker spots 16-year-old shaking behind bush – ends up rescuing her from sex trafficking

The teenager managed to escape from her kidnappers and was fearing for her life.


I have this feeling that this world we live in is getting crazier with each passing day. Cases of horrific crimes are taking place each and every day and we somehow lose faith in humanity. The good thing is that there are always these individuals whose actions are worth every praise.

16-year-old Crystal Allen experienced a real hell after she was kidnapped and used in sex trafficking.


She was repeatedly drugged and abused and scared for her life. One day, however, she managed to escape from her captors’ car and hid behind a bush, completely confused and unable to stop crying. It was then when a postal worker named Ivan Crisostomo heard her.


Ivan was on the job and on his regular route in Sacramento. When he heard the cries he approached closer and saw the trembling girl who kept saying, “They are coming to get me.” She was pointing to her arm and told Ivan how they were putting things inside her. At first, he had no idea what was going on, but quickly realized that Crystal was a sex trafficking victim.

He got scared as well as he had no idea what kind of people were looking for the teen, but he knew he had to help her and let her in his van until police arrived.


In the meantime, Crystal called her mother from Ivan’s phone. Speaking to KPIX, the worried mother recalled the call and said, “She was frantic. I didn’t know what was going on. I couldn’t even talk to her, she was that upset.”


Crystal later told Ivan how she was lured by a friend to Sacramento and that’s how she ended up with the captors. The good thing was that she could now leave all that behind as she was free thanks to the kind postal worker.

Deputy David Cuneo of Sacramento County Sherrif’s Department spoke of Ivan’s brave action. “What Ivan did was wonderful. He stepped up where a lot of people would have just continued driving down the road, and he made a huge positive impact on this young girl’s life.”


We are so glad there are still people like Ivan out there.

If you ever suspect someone’s a victim of sex trafficking don’t hesitate to alert the nearest police station.