Pit bull mix surprises everyone with an act that makes him a hero

They were on a hike with their 5-year-old boy and their pit bull. Suddenly they saw the dog jump at full speed on the boy's chest and knock him to the ground. "OMG call 911 quickly" Here's what happened.


When the McNally family opened the doors to their hearts and their home to a Pit Bull mix named Duk, little did they know the decision would have a huge impact on their life.

The moment the dog entered the house everyone was overjoyed as they all knew they got themselves a best friend for life. This was especially true for the child, 5-year-old Robert, who enjoyed spending every minute of every day by Duke’s side. The two loved being outdoors hiking and having fun in the mountains.

One day, during such a trip into the woods, the family decided to take a short break before getting to the cabin. At one moment, as Robert’s dad and his husband were resting under a tree, they saw Duke running towards Robert at full speed and knocking him to the ground. Unaware of what was going on, they rushed towards the boy believing Duke was trying to hurt him.

But then, they realized that the faithful dog saved Robert’s life.

Duke noticed a snake approaching and rushed to his human brother to prevent the snake from biting him. Sadly, it was Duke who got bitten, instead.

Fearing for the dog’s life, Robert took him to the hospital as soon as possible. Luckily, the poison didn’t get too far into his body. Duke received medications and started feeling fine.

“Without Duke, Robert would have undoubtedly been bitten by the snake, and the likelihood of death is quite high. Duke’s life is a blessing in our eyes because of his selfless deed. Although he is aware of our deep affection for him, we will now be much more connected,” the dad said.

Next time they go hiking, they will be more cautious and will not leave Robert out of sight.

If it wasn’t for Duke, Robert could easily get bitten and die, but he was lucky to have someone as brave as his dog by his side.

This story is yet another proof of how special and loving Pit Bulls are. It is extremely sad that people perceive them as vicious and unfriendly.

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