Photo of Melania Trump sparks savage ‘photoshop conspiracy’ after rare appearance

Photo of Melania Trump sparks savage ‘photoshop conspiracy’ after rare appearance.


While business mogul and former president of the U.S.A, Donald Trump, faces charges and his family is there to provide support, the world hasn’t heard a peep from his wife, Melania, who according to reports, won’t be supporting him in the courtroom.

“Melania is leading her own life and still feels happy being at Mar-a-Lago, surrounded by people who love her and who never talk about reality or bad things about her husband,” a source told People.

The investigation by the Manhattan district attorney’s office, which began while Trump was still serving as president, is related to a $130,000 payment made by Trump’s then-personal attorney Michael Cohen to adult film star Stormy Daniels prior to the 2016 elections. Allegedly, Trump tried to prevent Daniels from going public about an alleged affair with him years earlier. He has denied ever having an affair with Daniels.

Trump is now facing 34 felony counts for falsification of business records.

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Melania has not been present at any hearings or when her husband had been indicted. Instead, she opted to stay at their Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, spending time with their son, Barron Trump, whom she tries to shield from the media coverage his father is getting.

“The family was very involved in the past two campaigns for president, so I’d think they would be involved again. From a distance, it seems that Melania became less enthusiastic about this role as the controversies and the scandals mounted, so I don’t know how involved she’ll want to be this time around,” political expert Grant Reeher told the Mirror in January. “And she may be keen to guard Barron from becoming too exposed. Once you draw on your family, they become fair game for the media and opposition research.”

Reeher added, “His other adult children and in-laws were very keen to be involved in both his campaigns and his White House administration, and I see no reason why they wouldn’t want to do that again.”

Although it’s known that Melania spends her days in Florida, her husband’s recent actions made people turn against her.

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Namely, during a rally on Saturday in South Carolina, Donald Trump shared the story the time Nikki Hailey, his political opponent who runs to become the Republican presidential candidate for the 2024 presidential election, saying that she had met him at Mar-a-Lago in the past but without her husband.

“Then she comes over to see me at Mar-a-Lago. ‘Sir, I will never run against you.’ She brought her husband. Where’s your husband? Oh, he’s away. He’s away. What happened to her husband? What happened to her husband? Where is he? He’s gone! He knew. He knew,” Trump said.

This attack made headlines because Hailey’s husband is deployed in Africa with the South Carolina Army National Guard to support the United States Africa Command, his second active-duty deployment overseas, as per CNN.

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Hailey said she was proud of her husband, adding that Donald Trum’s comments were “disgusting” and “awful.

“If you don’t respect our military, how should we think you’re going to respect them when it comes to times of war, and prevent war and keep them from going?” Haley said. “If you don’t have respect for our military and our veterans, God help us all if that’s the case.”

This made many wonder where Melania was, because she’s also rarely seen by her husband’s side, especially during his trials and capmaigns.

“Where’s Melania?” many started writing on the social media, with the hashtag “Where’s Melania” trending.

“Why is Trump asking about Nikki Haley’s husband? Where’s Melania?” one individual wrote.

“Where’s Melania? Do we need the police for a welfare check? Look what he did to the first wife,” another commented.

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On Saturday night, Melania attended the Trumpettes gala and walked ahead of her husband while waving to the crowd.

In front of the attendees, Trump spoke of his wife and said, “First of all, our great first lady.” He also said that just like him, his wife also wants “to make America great again.”

“She’s gonna play, and she always did play a big role,” Trump told Fox News. “She was somebody that you could rely on.”

He added: “She’s very smart, a very compassionate person. And I would rely on her for advice. I think she’s going to be very active in the sense of being active, at the same time, I don’t want my family to be too active because they did such a great job last time.”

While the media can only be present to a place like Mar-a-Lago if invited, the public still gets to take a peek from what is going on there through posts on social media.


Israeli model Noy Tawil posted a picture posing with Donald and Melania Trump at the couple’s Palm Beach estate. Fans were quick to post that it was photoshoped.

“Looks photoshopped,” someone wrote. “Photoshopped, and she looks like she’s miserable,” another added, referring to Melania.

A third person said it was an old picture and that she “won’t even sit beside him in a car.”

A fourth commented, “Melania despises him! I wonder how much money she gets or will get to stay by his side? I hope at least she is educating Barron to NOT be like his father.”

Of course, there were also those who stood by the former first lady’s side, claiming she doesn’t need to photoshop any of her photos and that the cruel comments come at a rather hard time for Melania who has recently lost her mother.

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