Photo of firefighters laying across the lawn goes viral

The passerby was stunned by what he saw on the grass, he took a picture and posted it on Facebook, but when he realized what was really going on, he started shaking and crying: "Are they alive?" Look who the people in the picture were.


Not only members of the military, but firefighters too put their lives on the line for the safety of the general public.

It does take lots of physical strength and courage to be doing such a demanding job, and that is the reason why not everyone can be a first responder.

Firefighters are real-life heroes who stand between total destruction and minor burn marks, grabbing the hoses as tight as they can, aware that the safety of either individuals or even the entire country depends on them. But what happens after they finish with the fight for the day is truly heartbreaking.

A firefighter named Pedro Bras and his crew had been fighting against a massive blaze in Portugal in 2017, one that had already killed 64 people. The flames started spreading with incredible speed and the firefighters were not only battling the fire, but they were fighting time as well.

After hours and hours of hard work, these real-life heroes needed to gather their strength, so they took some rest. Bras snapped a photo of the fellow firefighters taking a nap and lying on their coats.

Image Credit: Respeito pelos Bombeiros | Facebook

This is all the break the restless firefighters get when they leave the battleground before duty calls again.

These heroes are taking the much-needed nap with their uniforms on, and their helmets next to them just in case they need to get back and continue their heroic work while completely covered in soot.

Looking at the photo, we better understand the sacrifice all the firefighters make in order for ordinary people to be saved and their homes to be kept untouched by the burning flames.

Once the photo was shared on the social media, it went viral and received a huge number of comments from people who dubbed these people ‘heroes.’

“Portugal’s firefighters resting, this just broke my heart,” one person wrote.

These real-life superheroes are risking their lives as we speak…90% of Portugal’s ‘bombeiros’ are volunteers,” another added.

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