Passengers on cruise ship where woman jumped to her death ask from Carnival to pay

Passengers who witnessed a woman jump overboard to her death on a cruise ship have been left traumatized, and they want the cruise line to do some kind of a make-good.


The incident involving a woman who was being detained aboard a Carnival cruise ship shortly before she reportedly jumped overboard from her balcony and vanished in the Gulf of Mexico disturbed the passengers and the wide public.

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the chaos that preceded the tragic jumping as witnesses say the woman had some sort of altercation with another man in one of the ship’s hot tubs after which the security was alerted. They put handcuffs of the woman, who was described as a 32-year-old African American who was taking the cruise with her husband. When she jumped over the rail, security was attempting to take her into custody but she managed to get away from them.

“Security got her out of the hot tub. Whenever they got to take her into custody, apparently she was upset and went over the rail,” one of the passengers said.

Other witnesses claim that the woman in question was causing trouble the entire time during the 76-hour journey from Cozumel, Mexico, to New Orleans.

Allegedly, when she jumped, she was still handcuffed and she appeared to hit a rail and possibly a lifeboat on the way down.

The search for her lasted for around 14 hours. The decision to suspend a search-and-rescue case is never one we come to lightly,” said Chief Warrant Officer Tricia Eldredge, command duty officer at sector New Orleans. “We offer our deepest sympathies to the family during this difficult time.” Later, however, NBC Miami has reported that her lifeless body was reportedly found.

The passenger who were on the cruise on that fatal day claim they were left deeply disturbed and traumatized. What was supposed to be an enjoyable experience for them turned into a chaotic event so they are now asking Carnival for some sort of compensation, in the form of payment or another cruise, for the trauma they were forced to go through.

The company hasn’t made any statements in regards to these requests.

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