Owners Who Got Evicted Left Dogs Behind to Die

How can someone be so cruel and do such thing to innocent animals?


The following story is just another proof that not everyone deserves to own a pet. I guess that before taking one in, people should pass certain psychology tests the same way they do when babies are being adopted.

This would show whether or not someone is ready to take care of the animal. 

Frankie Floridia of the Guardians of Rescue gets allerted about neglected animals all the time. But the recent case he shared with us was a bit more disturbing from the rest of the rescue cases he and his co-workers have been involved in.

It all happened when he got a call from the neighbors of a family that got evicted recently. They said how they could listen barking coming out of the place. 

When they came at the scene, they were left in complete shock. The family just left their two pit bulls behind in the empty house. There was dirt and feces all around the poor creatures. 

The dogs were a male and a female, and whereas one of them was caged, the other was free. But both were left there to die. 

Their health condition was poor and they were in need of urgent medical help. 

One of the neighbors would throw food through the window, but that wasn’t enough for them to stay healthy or well fed. 

At first, the terrified animals refused to be approached by Floridia and his crew, but once they were outside the house they realized those people were there to save them.

“They were completely different dogs… happy, wagging their tails,” he said.

The girl was named Sky and she was adopted by a loving family shortly after her rescue took place. The boy, Max, is placed with a foster family but the chances are he’s getting a forever home too. 

We are so glad this amazingly loving pit bulls were found just on time to be saved.