Owners place a mattress in front of their furniture store so the strays have a place to sleep

What a beautiful and thoughtful thing to do.


The life of the stray animals is harsh. These poor souls are not only forced to look for food every single day, but they are also struggling to find suitable shelter during the cold days in the winter and the unbearable heat during the summer.

One thing we can all do in order to make their days at least a bit easier is to place food and water where we see them staying most often.


The owners of the Istikbal Mobile furniture shop in Turkey went an extra mile for the strays who are spending their days in front of their store and gained the fondness of a huge number of animal lovers from all over the world.

Namely, a man named Dr. Cem Baykal would often pass by the store and stop by to pet the dogs and even leave some food. One day, however, he noticed a heart-melting sight. Instead on the ground, the dogs were lying on a brand new mattress.

Source: Twitter/lentaruofficial

“The owner of this shop puts one of the beds (with a plastic cover on it) in front of the shop,” Baykal told The Dodo. “This bed may be the one they sell that day or it may be one of the incoming ones.” 

“These two stray dogs lay and sleep there every time.”

Baykal added that the store owners always go above and beyond for the strays and leave water outside during the hot days.

“This street is known as a rich area and everyone gives food or water to the local dog and cats, but no one supplies quality bedding to them normally,” Baykal explained. “This shop does.”

What a beautiful and thoughtful thing to do for someone in need of help.