Officers stop woman who ran a red light and rescue four kidnapped children from back of her stolen van

Had it not been for officers Parrish and Flannel, God knows what would have happened to the four siblings.


Officer Parrish and Officer Flannel were conducting a routine stop when they noticed a large van speeding through a red light. They rushed to stop the woman behind the wheel and what attracted their attention were the four children at the back of the van who looked scared and were crying.

When they asked the woman if the children were hers, she said yes. However, as she didn’t seem to be telling the truth, they asked the children if the woman was their mother, to what they shook their heads.

“Once the officers stopped, they see that there are children in the back crying,” a prosecutor said, as per Click On Detroit. “They ask Ms. Binder, ‘Are these your children?’ and she says yes. The officers, due to the emotions of the children in the back, ask if they know this woman, and the children shake their heads. At this point, Ms. Binder is detained.”

Source: YouTube/ Click On Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV

The woman, 37-year-old Stephanie Marie Binder, kidnapped the four children earlier that day as they walked to school. As per Yahoo News, she took them from the side of the road after she forced the youngest, who was five years old, to enter the van she was driving, which wasn’t hers but stolen. The rest of the children, all siblings to the five year old, who were 7, 8 and 11 years old, tried to save their little brother and followed him to the van.

The abduction was caught on a doorbell camera, which is the sole footage of the kidnapping.

After the two officers saved the children, Binder was arrested and charged with four counts of kidnapping – child enticement, four counts of unlawful imprisonment, one count of unlawfully driving away of an automobile, and one count of receiving and concealing stolen property – a motor vehicle.

Luckily, the kids were safely taken home to their family.

The eldest child was honored for remaining calm and protecting his siblings.

“Here’s a young man who took a risk and is getting a reward, and hopefully, that leaves an indelible impression on him to not be a bystander,” said Rev. Horace Sheffield III, of New Destiny Christian Fellowship.

Had it not been for officers Parrish and Flannel, God knows what would have happened to the four siblings.

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