Officer Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty To Help Teenager

Officer Sheffert sees a teen sprinting down the street and decides to stop him. He felt he was acting odd, but couldn't get an explanation from him. But, the story finally unfolds and little did this cop know how that one stop would change his life forever.


Contrary to the common belief that police officers are only spending their days pulling people over and giving tickets while patrolling in their cars, the reality is totally different. These people do a lot for the community and wear many hats fulfilling their role of making sure people are safe and sound. And as many of them deal with catching criminals, most are also involved in proactive problem-solving.

Brandon Sheffert is one of those police officers who are ready to go an extra mile when it comes to people’s safety. One night, while he was on the job, something unusual attracted his attention. A boy who was obviously in a hurry, which made him make an assumption the kid could be in trouble.

“We were just driving around patrolling, and we noticed this kid who was sprinting down 85th Avenue. We were kind like, ‘this is odd. Nobody sprints like that, so let’s stop this kid.'”

None of these strangers could ever think how this encounter would change their lives.

“Something about it bugged me, because I couldn’t get through to him. He just seemed like there was something going on, and that there was something that was hurtful going on that he would say,” Brandon said about the experience.

The kind officer then put his mind into keeping an eye on the 16-year-old kid whose name was Antony Schultz. The teen lived in a one bedroom apartment with his family of seven and struggled to lead a normal life.

Anthony turned out to be a very nice boy who was interested in becoming an even better person, but he needed a little push in order to fulfill his dreams. That’s when officer Brandon stepped in and turned this boy’s life around. He became Anthony’s official mentor through the YMCA Reach and Rise program.

“I had a role model. I had someone I could look up to. I had someone I could aspire to be,” Anthony had to say.

One night, the boy’s mother called Brandon and asked him to take Antony. Having two children on their own, the officer and his wife knew that welcoming another member in their home would be a true blessing.

“We have taken him in as one of our own. Even my kids say he’s their big brother, and they love it.”

You’d be amazed to hear of everything this aspiring teen achieved once he started living with the Sheffert family. The constant support and the love they surrounded him with resulted in Anthony being the first person in his family to graduate from high school. He even got a driver’s license.

Take a look at the whole story in the video below. This is so inspirational.