Newborn orangutan found ‘mummified’ inside a cardboard box shows incredible transformation

Newborn ape found “mummified” in a box – try not to cry when you see his transformation 3 years later...


This is the story of Gito, a tiny orangutan who has suffered the loss of his mother because of poachers and was left inside a cardboard box to die. When he was found, Gito’s rescuers believed he wasn’t alive because he resembled a mummy. He didn’t have any hair on his body and his skin was sore.

Allegedly, someone bought him for $30 before leaving him under the sun all by himself.

“We thought he was dead, at first,” International Animal Rescue wrote on their website. “Gito’s arms were folded corpse-like across his tiny body and he looked almost mummified in his cardboard coffin. Gito had barely any hair on his body and his skin was grey and flaking from sarcoptic mange. The constant itching and pain must have been excruciating.”

Gito was taken to the nearest vet clinic, which was around nine hours away, and the veterinarians had a hard time understanding how he was still alive. This sweet orangutan proved to be a fighter and they were willing to do all in their power to help him stay alive.

Gito received treatment for the severe skin infection he suffered from. He was also provided with plenty of love, hugs, and kisses, something he had never felt before because he didn’t have his mommy by his side.

Over time, Gito became stronger and stronger. He got his orange hair back and got comfortable around people.

Following his rescue, sweet Gito got involved in the International Animal Rescue rehabilitation program where he would spend the first seven years of his life before he gets released into the wild. He’s staying around other animals of his kind and gets to have a fun time learning new things each and every day.

Gito is taught how to look for food and how to climb trees, among the rest. “Animals are suffering and dying because of the systematic destruction of the rainforest, primarily for palm oil production,” Lis Key, communications manager for the rescue center, told The Dodo.

We are so thankful there are organizations out there such as the International Animal Rescue who give vulnerable creatures like Gito a new chance for a better life.

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