Mysterious sea creature ‘larger than a human’ captured on video

"I will never forget what happened next for as long as I live..."


The thought that creatures still unknown to humans live deep down the ocean is simply fascinating. The truth is that the number of undiscovered species of various aquatic animals is huge and the more we learn of the sea and ocean world the more stunned we are.

Recently, a group of marine biologists were investigating seafloor anomaly at the Red Sea when they noticed something unusual deep bellow the surface. After further inspection, they realized they stumbled upon a wrecked ship named “Pella,” which sank back in 2011. As the OceanX technicians decided to send their remotely operated vehicle (ROV) down to the ship to investigate further, they got more than they ever hoped for.

All of a sudden, they noticed an enormous creature which they described as “larger than a human.” In fact, they believe it was a giant squid. The greatest anyone has ever seen.

Mattie Rodrigue, OceanX science program lead, said of the unusual experience, “I will never forget what happened next for as long as I live. All of a sudden, as we’re looking at the bow of the shipwreck, this massive mysterious creature comes into view, takes a look at the ROV, and curls its entire body around the bow of the wreck.”

Source: YouTube/ OceanX

After consulting other experts, one of them, zoologist Dr. Michael Vecchione, said, “I can tell you what I think it is and why I think it is. I think it’s a species called the purpleback flying quid. And in the area that you’re operating, in the Red Sea, there’s a well-known population of those. They get really big. I think what you’re seeing is what’s called the giant form of Sthenoteuthis.”

He added, “They will approach a bait the way that that one approached that bait and they often swim the way that the other videos showed the animal swimming. And in particular, the fin size, the proportions of the fin relative to the body, show me that it’s not a giant squid. If you stop it right there, you see it’s got fins that are short and broad and sort of thicken together. They look like sort of an arrowhead. I know that you probably wanted to think that you had some video of giant squids, but I can tell you but I’m absolutely certain it’s not an Architeuthis dux.”

For more on the story go to the video below.