Mother is in the restaurant with her child – a stranger laves a message and her day suddenly changes

The mother was hungry but with the last penny she paid for her son's meal. When she left, a stranger left her a note, there were only 16 words, but they made her cry with emotion. This story made my day, what was written on that note:


Every parent wants the best for their children, but the truth is that they can’t always provide the kind of life they dream of for them. That, however, doesn’t mean they don’t do their best each and every day. Moms and dads out there put their children’s needs before their own, but that’s not always enough. You know what they say, “it takes a village to raise a child,” and we humans should always go the extra mile in order to help struggling families if we are given the chance to.

The story one person shared of the kindness he showed to a single mother who didn’t have enough money to buy herself some food because she spent the last penny for a meal for her child is heartwarming and helps restore faith in humanity.

The person started his post by writing that he was having his third Sprite at McDonald’s when he noticed a man approaching a woman who was sitting all by herself. He had a young boy with him, around 3 years old. The person sharing the story overheard their conversation which went like this: “You were supposed to be here an hour ago,” the woman said, slightly upset. “Well I’m here and here he is,” said the man as he headed towards the exit. The woman then asked him if he had a couple of dollars because she was starving and wanted a cheeseburger. She explained that she only had enough money for the boy’s happy meal. But the man turned to her and told her: “Damn you, starve!”

The person who noticed these exchange unfolding right in front of him was left speechless. He noticed the woman, who was the boy’s mom, asking the little one for a single french fry. The boy gives her the one he had already bitten off.

Witnessing all this, the person went to the counter and told the waiter to bring a double cheeseburger and a large drink to the woman without telling her who paid for it. Along with the food, he also wrote something on a napkin with the sharpie he used for work.

The person sharing the story explained that the woman couldn’t stop tears rolling down her face when she saw the food and read the note which said: “Keep your head up and always push forward. You CAN. You WILL. :)”

“After they both finished the meal, they started to leave. They walked past me sitting here and I smile at the boy and look at her and she whispers “thank you” I whisper back “for what?”, the person wrote in the post. She smiles. I wink. I look down at the boy and I say have a good day. Life is hard. Always be willing to make someone life a little easier. Little things make a big impact. For any single parent stuck in a similar place… Keep your head up and always push forward. You CAN. You WILL.”

This kind-hearted person stepped in when this struggling mother needed it the most.

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