Mom urges parents not to let anyone kiss their babies after her 1-year-old son ended up in hospital with life-threatening rash

“People might not want to see these photos but I think it’s important I show them,” the mom wrote.


Little kids and babies are the most adorable creatures on Earth, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that we feel the urge to hug them and give them a kiss when we see them. The thing is that these souls are very gentle and fragile, and sometimes, the behavior we manifest around them can negatively affect them without us even being aware of that.

One mother from Grimsby, North Lincolnshire, UK spoke of the ordeal her 1-year-old son had to go through because of a kiss.

Facebook / Demi Boswell

Demi Boswell took to the social media to share the story of how little Cohen ended up in the hospital with a severe rush after a person with a herpes gave him a kiss. His immune system couldn’t easily fight against the virus that spread on him so the rush covered all his body.

The worried mom wants everyone to know that herpes can be fatal to babies and pleads people not to kiss little children if they have cold sores. She hopes no other child should ever experience what Cohen did.

Thankfully, Cohen is now doing better.

Facebook / Demi Boswell

“People might not want to see these photos but I think it’s important I show them,” she wrote. “Cohen got blue lighted to hospital with doctors already waiting to take him in.”

“Even if you can’t see a cold sore it could be underlying so you have no idea you have one. I kiss my boy on the lips every day all day but this has definitely opened my eyes now,” she added.

Facebook / Demi Boswell

Next time you get around a little baby, please make sure to wash your hands before you touch them or kiss them. Their immune system is yet to develop so they are likely to catch viruses.