Mom rushes her kid to the hospital after he arrives home with a red mark on his face

This is scary stuff for parents everywhere.


Young children can get into trouble easily, especially when they have siblings whom they tend to fight and disagree with.

An Idaho boy named Coop went home crying one day claiming his brother hit him in the nose. His parents, Arden and Ashlee Hawley, noticed he had a red mark on the nose and his cheeks and it certainly didn’t look like he had been hit. The mark was sort of strange and that raised a red flag. In order to be sure it wasn’t anything serious, they took him to the doctor’s who prescribed him steroids.

However, as the red mark spread, they became even more suspicious and took him to the ER. There, medics ran tests and they determined Coop contracted a streptococcal bacteria in his sinuses.

It is a common belief that this bacteria is only found in person’s throat, but that’s not true as it affects other parts as well.

There are many different types of this bacteria, each of which with different manifestation.

Luckily for Coop, his parents reacted just in time. He has been given proper medication and is currently recovering. It the infection wasn’t diagnosed on time, it could have easily affect his eyes and brain.

Another mom posted a similar story about her son who contracted the flu. Since the country is experiencing severe flu outbreak, parents need to be more cautious about their children and notice the symptoms on time.

This mom, Candace Reeves McMahan, who posted on the Facebook page Simply Real Moms, wrote of her son, “He was looking awful, and I noticed odd red markings on his face. By that evening, my child had a blotchy rash all over him. I secretly hoped that he was only experiencing a fever rash so that I could put him to bed.”

Facebook/ Candace Reeves McMahan

The following day, his body temperature got really high and there were red marks all over his face. He experienced rash and his mom took him to hospital. They were told he had contracted strep infection in his throat.

According to the doctor, facial marks and rash are frequent symptoms of this bacteria. The mother wrote, “I had no idea, and it seems that no one I’ve informed in the previous two days does either. I felt obligated to alert other parents of these apparent signs that their child has strep throat.”

Sadly, the infection spread to his eyes and he needed to undergo a surgery but he recovered.

“He nearly seems normal, and he looks like his old self again! I can’t thank everyone enough,” Candace wrote. “I believe in the power of prayer.”

She now wants to warn other parents of the symptoms of strep in order for something her son experienced to be avoided.

“Please share the pictures of Luke’s eyes with me, please. This might have been avoided, she said, if the diagnosis had been made earlier.”

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