Mom of one stepped on ant hill and died instantly, according to family

Mom dies after stepping on an ant hill – her bone-chilling warning will haunt us forever...


Cathy Weed, a mom from Gwinnett County lost her life in a tragic manner after she stepped on an ant hill in her yard.

She was someone whom the entire community adored, a devoted mother who never missed any of her son’s baseball games, and an important pillar of the community, thus her loss left many heartbroken.

Tributes to Cathy were paid by those who knew her on the baseball field on which she cheered her son Gray who was a rising Sophomore and a member of the Mountain View High School Bears baseball team.

The tragedy happened after Cathy accidentally stepped on the ant hill. Sadly, she had had lethal allergy to fire ants and the reaction was so severe that she didn’t even have the time to get to her medication.

Her death was both sudden and immediate.


Back in 2018, Cathy experienced something similar but managed to survive. She experienced allergic reaction to an ant bite but was rushed to the ER on time. Back then, she spoke of the importance of having EpiPen at hand in case some is allergic to something. It was during the time when there was shortage of EpiPens. Sadly, years later, the same allergic reaction ended up taking her life.

Cathy’s obituary highlighted how special of a person she was. It read that she was an “extraordinary individual who touched the lives of everyone she encountered. Her warm smile, kind heart, and unwavering compassion will forever be remembered.”

Jason Johnson, the coach of Cathy’s son’s team described her as a wonderful person who shared a very strong bond with her son. “His mom was everything to [Gary], and he was 100%, even more so to her.”

We are so very sorry for this tragic loss. Our thoughts and prayers go to the grieving family.

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