Mom is all smiles after she hears her 8-week-old baby girl “speak”

To date, more than 49 million people have watched this video!


Just imagine the anticipation of new parents seeing their little ones taking their first steps and uttering their first words. Well, most moms and dads get to experience all this when their babies are one or two years old, sometimes older. But not the parents of the cute and very intelligent baby girl from the video below.

Mom is filming her bundle of joy while she is asking her whether she got everything she wanted for Christmas. Of course, she doesn’t expect from the baby to answer back knowing she’s only eight weeks old. But then, the most incredible thing happens. As mom says “I love you” a couple of times in a row, the sweet girl seems to say “I love you” too.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/ Tim Hamilton

It’s good that she caught this on tape, otherwise, no one would ever believe her that her daughter “speaks” at that age.

The video was shared on YouTube by Tim Hamilton and gained the attention of over 49 million people. Some believe the baby indeed repeated her mom’s words, while others agree that she’s simply way too young to be able to utter a proper sentence and the sound she made only resembled the words “I love you.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot/ Tim Hamilton

Anyway, we leave it to you to determine if this is one of the smartest babies there are by watching the video below. What a cutie this girl is. She will definitely grew up into a chatty young lady.