Mom in disbelief as park security throws her out because her shorts were too short

Read what happened when Bailey Breedlove visited Six Flags with her daughter.


When little children are told they are visiting a theme park, what you expect is tears of joy and immense excitement. These places are so magical that even grown ups enjoy every minute spent there.

These places offer fun, but they also expect from the visitors to follow certain rules, such as dress codes among the rest.

What people usually wear are casual clothes, while the little ones can be dressed in a costume of their favorite princess or superheroes.

A mom named Bailey Breedlove shared the story of her recent visit to Six Flags and expressed her disappointment about the way the security staff treated her in front of her crying daughter because of her shorts.

The moment they spotted her, the park security pulled Bailey aside and told her that her shorts were way too short. The mom disagreed and said that it is what people wear on hot days. She was even told to go and buy a new pair of longer shorts.

This angered Bailey especially because the staff yelled at her and told her to identify herself. Her daughter got very scared and started crying as she believed her mother would get arrested.

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The entire situation seemed to escalate so Bailey decided to open up about it on social media and ask her TikTok followers if her shorts were really that short and “obscene” as the park security claimed.

Most of the people who took their time to comment on the matter agreed that Bailey was right to be mad at the way she was approached and treated that day.

“Oh those aren’t too short short. I’ve seen shorter,” one person wrote. “So ridiculous, I have seen people wear less at 6 flags, and no one said anything to them. Also, great Pikachu t-shirt!!!” another added.

Bailey later shared her story with Inside Edition as well and gave more details of the incidents that left her shocked and in disbelief.

For more on Bailey’s ordeal go to the video below and tell us what you think.

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