Mom, aged 98, moves into an assisted living facility so she can take care of her 80-year-old son

Being a mother is a forever job!


Moms are the best and the list of reasons why is endless. They work around the clock to satisfy each of their children’s needs and are always by their side. A mom will never give up on her kids, no matter what life brings and what kind of individuals their bundles of joy will turn out once they are all grown up.

And as we can go on and on about the things that dub moms the perfect creatures, I believe one would have a better understanding of what we have to say after they read the story of Ada Keating. This incredible woman is 98 years old and still takes care of her son as the day he was born.

Her son Tom, who is 80 years old, had to go to a nursing home, the Moss View Care Home in London, as he needed assistance. But it wasn’t long before his mom moved in as well. She felt like she had to be by her son’s side and help him with everything he needed.

“I say goodnight to Tom in his room every night and I’ll go and say good morning to him,” Ada, who is a former auxiliary nurse, said. “When I get back he’ll come to me with his arms outstretched and give me a big hug. You never stop being a mum.”

The story of Ada and Tom went viral and people say they are the perfect example that moms love their children forever.

The facility manager, Philip Daniels, told the Echo, “It’s very rare to see mothers and their children together in the same care home and we certainly want to make their time together as special as possible.”

Take a look at the whole story in the video below.