Millionaire spends his entire fortune turning slaughterhouse into a dog sanctuary

Thank you for your dedication, Yan, you are a hero.


The number of millionaires in this world is pretty huge. These people can afford the life they’ve always dreamed of and get to buy luxurious houses, boats, visit places, and a lot more. The good thing is that many of them give a small amount of their fortune to charities and the less fortunate.

Wang Yan is a millionaire from Changchun, China, who made his fortune in the steel industry. And now, he’s using his money to change the lives of thousands of dogs in need of shelter, love, and a fresh start.

It all started when Yan’s beloved dog went missing some years ago. In an attempt to track him down and bring him home, Yan visited every shelter there is. Unfortunately, to no avail.

That is when a friend of his suggested he should check the slaughterhouse where dogs are slaughtered for the meat industry. Yan did exactly that, and although he didn’t find his dog there, he saw something that he could never forget. A huge number of dogs living in terrible conditions waiting to be killed for their meat.

Yan knew he had to do something for those poor souls so he bought the place for $400,000 and turned it into a dog sanctuary. He spends huge amounts of money for food and other supplies, but looking at how happy all the canines are make it all worth it.

“I don’t accept monetary donations, I only hope that kind-hearted people will be able to donate a few supplies to help,” Yan told Metro.

Since 2015, Yan welcomed 2000 more dogs in his sanctuary and helped over 200 find their forever home.

What this man did and is still doing is worth all the praise he’s getting from animal lovers not only from China but all over the world. Thank you for your dedication, Yan, you are a hero.